Lasys, Inc., is one of the rapidly growing Software Consulting and Development firm that always keeps its services up to date with the latest market trends, providing customers all over the world with best-of-class, easily extensible Internet products. Our solutions range from custom website designs to business application development of any complexity.

We go beyond giving you a presence on the web. From branding, website development, eCommerce, content management systems and intranets, to search engine optimisation and email marketing. We recognise that one of the main factors to our clients’ online success is our breakthrough blend of creativity, technology, consultancy and service.

Application Development & Maintenance

From custom application development, testing and maintenance, deployment, upgrades and consulting, companies worldwide depend on us. We offer full range of application services to help business invest more strategically in core business activities, while improving ROI from tight IT budgets. We can also help implement latest service-oriented architectures and to transition smoothly to web-based systems from legacy systems.

Cloud Computing

Windows Azure has expanded the possibilities of Software as a Service(SaaS) to go well beyond traditional applications. New business applications can be designed, built, and deployed far more quickly than with traditional application platforms, and with all the benefits of SaaS. This is a new era of cloud computing. Lower development costs, lower maintenance costs, universal access through the internet, and instant updates. The future of software and application development is right here.

Lasys is a leading developer of applications that run in the Cloud and specifically leverage Windows Azure platform. Our solutions are designed for organizations to maximize mobility and productivity of our customers’ workforce. We specialize in migrating custom applications to Windows Azure platform.

Cloud computing offers a range of new deployment models you can use to gain flexibility and efficiency in achieving your business goals. Whether you’re building out a private cloud, using or building a public cloud, taking advantage of platform- or software-as-a-service, or looking for a more agile and inexpensive storage platform, Lasys can help you address the unique challenges that come with a cloud implementation. Lasys solutions improve the performance, security, and availability of applications and data and reduce the capital and operating expenses associated with application and storage deployments. Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology. With Lasys enterprise class cloud computing capabilities, you have the trusted partner to help you assess cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points.

Web Development

Multimedia gives a whole new meaning to your website, putting effects and merging exciting elements with your business. A concept that blends in with pictures, sounds, graphics, videos and text elements enrich with multimedia presentation. Website designing really create a constant attention and corporate identity to a business. We offer outsourcing multimedia development services, it will our customers a chance to venture and find affiliate corporations that would help increase the company’s reputation with the use of animation and graphics that add extra value to market credibility.

Multimedia has emerged as a revolutionary concept in the areas of information and entertainment. The power and scope that multimedia offers in combining individual elements such as images, video and audio is tremendous. Multimedia has opened new vistas for creative expression in areas as diversified as art, education and communication.

Lasys holds the distinction of being one of the forerunners in the development of multimedia products among Indian IT companies. Our major strength is a team of dedicated and highly talented multimedia professionals possessing vast experience and expertise in delivering high-end multimedia products.

Among the various multimedia development companies in India, Lasys is one company that is known to deliver high quality at minimal costs to our clients. When it comes to choosing the right production tools, we have built a high degree of expertise around creating outstanding multimedia products using Macromedia Flash. Our Flash designers are hand-picked professionals of the industry who have the capability to weave magic through Flash. Depending upon the level of interactivity required by the client, we have positioned our design team to fully explore the potential offered by Flash in multimedia development.

Offshore Staffing

We are experts in building dedicated teams that are extensions of your own local offices. Here are the options available for all your staffing needs:

Captive Center :

Dedicated resource managed by the clients.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) :

In this model we set up the offshore operation to our clients. We hire the right talent of offshore staff, building or leasing the facility and overseeing operations. Once the operations are stable and productive, client will have the option of completely taking over the operations This model is ideal for clients that require the expertise of a local vendor to mitigate the legal and financial risks of setting up a business in a foreign country.

Deticated Teams :

Dedicated resource with Lasys managers overseeing your team.

Embedded Systems

In a new age of automated environments it has become almost impossible to do without Information Technology. The latest trend of integrating IT with the physical world through Embedded Software offers new opportunities for being prompt, well informed, and well organized. Embedded software is designed to 'build-in' necessary Information Technology and Automation into the high-tech devices and appliances, which we use in our daily life: cars, mobile phones, audio equipment, robots, toys, security systems, televisions, digital watches, medical equipment, and many other innovations.

has a team of qualified professionals in the embedded systems development arena and provides a full set of custom embedded software solutions, including device drivers, firmware, VoIP, mobile platforms, and many more. With years of expert-based experience in embedded design and development across a variety of platforms.

Lasys offers the following embedded software development and firmware programming services:

  • Device Driver Development
  • VoIP Software Development
  • Mobile Platforms/PDA Programming
  • Consumer electronics programming
  • Industrial automation systems programming
  • Low-level programming
Lasys experienced software engineers use the following Programming languages for embedded systems:
  • J2ME
  • C/C++
  • x86 assembler
  • ADSP assembler
  • Other languages for specific devices

Our vertical expertise embraces such segments as Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Machine to Machine (m2m), Appliances, Security, Data Communications, and Biometrics. The scope of our vertical expertise is expanding on a daily basis with new projects and new resources. At Lasys, we understand the present-day problems of embedded software development and we have all the necessary knowledge to deliver highly usable and reliable software products.

For Embedded software development we apply Extreme Programming’s test driven development methods with both custom hardware and custom software. Specialized simulator and test systems are not abandoned completely– when available, they are still useful for tracking down a known problem. This solution focuses, however, on incrementally developing and testing a fully integrated system inexpensively using widely available hardware and software.

To make use of existing software testing infrastructure and pose the problem in a simpler way, we encapsulate the embedded system under test in a software layer. Once all the required functionality of the embedded system is represented by this software layer, the software layer can be tested using any compatible off- the-shelf test framework.

This brings several of the same advantages to embedded system development that test driven development brings to software development. The system is working and fully integrated quickly, but without all features. Unit tests reassure the developers that a system is working properly even after extensive refactoring. Test driven development even has advantages unique to embedded systems: software rarely stops working for no apparent reason, but a comprehensive and easy to use test suite for hardware will detect component failures, loose connections, or improper setup quickly and easily.

There are several concerns in using software test infrastructure for hardware, however. The software encapsulation must preserve all of the hardware’s likely failure modes, and the test suite must account for these extra failure modes. For example, when testing software it is safe to assume than assigning a value to a variable will always succeed. When testing embedded systems, this may not be so. Timing errors, loose connections, or faulty components could cause the write operation to fail completely or partially.

Testing Services

Expertise on both the business and technical sides of testing enabled us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We use established testing methodology and employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and real competitive advantage.