Every industry is in unique in their needs, outlook, and challenges. Lasys boasts of understanding the uniqueness of your industry and delivering services that are best suited for your specific environment. We take on new challenges very enthusiastically and continuously widen our own horizons. Our clientele ranges across various industry segments.

We have catered to customers from the following domains

Media & Entertainment

Technology is indispensable in exploring the full value chain of Information, Media & Entertainment. As content becomes more dynamic and interactive, technology is enabling customer response in all information and media services.

More than a set of technologies, latest web developments & trends - Web 2.0 - has had a dramatical impact on both social and business environments. Innovation in consumer markets, in the way costumers absorb information and entertainment is enabled and driven by technology. Messaging, online communities, interactive games, virtual business spaces result in new business models that explore user-generated content and user information tracking, transparent business processes, maximum usability and decentralized distribution channels. Consumers are now affecting enterprises in Information and media business and the key to success is currently on stimulating, managing and permitting for consumer innovation.

From innovation to content distribution, we support our clients with their unconventional business models to achieve competitiveness through technology. From unique product offerings in the media and entertainment sector, to building entertainment community our expertise has spanned even to enterprise content management and automation.

Health Care

Healthcare industry is facing increased challenges in efficiencies, compliance and regulatory areas. Your clients are facing pains associated with rising research and development costs, pipeline failures, patent expiry, ensuring patient safety, compliance with quality standards, and medical accuracy. Customized software solutions developed for the healthcare industry alleviates these pains and increases workflow effectiveness.

Health, pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology companies are looking for partners that adhere to their crucial timelines and budget requirements, with Lasys as your offshore software development partner, you can exceed these expectations

Our custom software development expertise, combined with mobile and Software as a Service technologies results in state-of-the-art tools and high-quality healthcare software products. We understand the cost-efficiencies and rapid timelines that healthcare companies face and deliver reliable, world-class software solutions designed specifically for health industries.

As your partner in healthcare software development, we can design and develop a new product, transform an existing product into a SaaS or mobile solution and migrate your product to newer technologies.

Financial Services

As consequence of the recent battles over settling issues of internal spending, the leading banking institutions are shifting to growth through new and customer-oriented service offerings. Most of this growth will be achieved organically while merges and acquisitions are aimed at encompassing new geographies and capabilities. Staying focused on organic growth requires unprecedented attention to customer management tools and strategies. IT structures are pressed to face a number of challenges in order to support these high aspirations. Some of the challenges are:

  • To effectively deliver innovative solutions, capturing the shifting customer demand.
  • To increase efficiency of operations, adhering to the restricted budgeting policy.
  • To maintain competitive flexibility in skills and technologies.

Lasys knows how to relieve the pressure in the following domains:

New service platforms:

On-line and mobile services could be considered as a complete business model that helps to both attract new and retain loyal customers. Lasys possesses in-depth experience in mobile and eCommerce segments as well as in retail banking.

New custom software products:

Lasys custom application development is intended to strengthen your IT department giving it the flexibility to design, develop and deploy customized products and services at the rapid pace dictated by the market. Lasys is traditionally strong in custom software products development, offering more than a decade of experience and our broad technology expertise.

Legacy transformation and support:

Witnesses to the intricate patterns of enterprise growth are legacy systems. Lasys confidently manages work with this kind of heritage, providing the following legacy transformation and support services:
  • Maintenance, support, functional enhancements.
  • Web and mobile-enabling.
  • Cost-effective migration of existing legacy applications to new technologies.
  • Localization and internationalization.

Technology integration solutions (EAI):

Lasys skills in enterprise integration technologies and platforms will make it possible to optimize and unify the diverse technology platforms that resulted from mergers and acquisitions.

Start Ups

Startup companies rely on the offshore product development services provided by Lasys. With a focus on quality and speed to market, our custom software development is ideally suited for startup companies that need to rapidly launch their product in the market.
We understand the challenges startup companies face such as:

  • Technology decisions (Microsoft .NET vs. Sun J2EE vs.LAMP)
  • Platform decisions (SaaS vs. Software)
  • Pressure to be first to market
  • The need for cost efficient software development
  • Rapidly changing feature requirements

Lasys offshore developers are an extension of your company. Though our offshore development teams, our partnerships deliver quality, economy and rapid time-to-market.

Lasys is your trusted advisor for outsourced software product development and will recommend platforms best suited to your objectives based on our years of experience with startup companies. We will help you pick the right set of tools and technologies (Microsoft Technology, J2EE or LAMP) for your software product development needs.

For the startups looking to develop their products on Microsoft technologies, Lasys can also arrange the complimentary licenses to the products like Visual Studio, SQL Server etc. through its partnership with Microsoft.

Education & Training

Economy is evolving to a knowledge-based economy. The new economy puts a premium on intellectual capital. However, the life of knowledge and human skills today is shorter than ever, increasing the pressure to remain at the forefront of education and training throughout a career. Life-long learning may be considered merely a buzzword today, but it is quickly becoming an imperative. There has been a paradigm shift in the way education is viewed and delivered. At the beginning of the new millennium, corporations view learning increasingly as a competitive weapon rather than an annoying cost factor.

Business success depends more and more on high-quality employee performance, which in turn requires high-quality training. Lasys solutions can help you solve complex challenges to workers, requiring higher levels of education, computer literacy, critical thinking, information analysis, and synthesizing skills. Lasys assists to fill the chasm between the higher demands of a knowledge economy and the educational status of the workforce & remain competitive internationally. Lasys solutions can help you:

  • Address a larger audience.
  • Deliver training to geographically dispersed workforce.
  • Targeting "learning adults", who seek education to advance their careers.
  • Learning has become a continual process rather than a distinct event, therefore keeps the trainees.
  • Current and competent.
  • Creates the desired academic environment for training.
  • Address key technology drivers or new business initiatives.